Monday, January 10, 2011

Mai WIP 2

STILL working on this one! I had a massive ocular migraine from Friday until Sunday. So I was only able to do some more work on it yesterday :/

But hey, it's coming along...


Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hey all!

I wanted to make a little place to post all of WIPS for various projects/endeavors but didn't want to flood DA with such things. So, my only alternative was to create a little blog to hold those items :3

I have a few treats for you today. One is a current commission and another is a little preview of my Lolita dress up game for, which should be available in the upcoming months. Enjoy and subscribe to see more! : D

Here is my current commission WIP for Bonhwa:


And here are two combos I like from my upcoming Lolita game :3 They aren't anything too horribly detailed. Mostly just because its so much easier to assemble a doll in the game, not so much in photoshop X3 The actual game has pattern swatches and other items you can add to the dresses. :3


Again, Keep an eye out for it at! That, or you can just play my Anthro game again XD